Gil Escobedo

In Loving Memory of Gil Escobedo

As a young man, I was drawn to this business because I sensed the incredible opportunities available. Today, those opportunities remain plentiful and I feel lucky to be a part of our team.


Gil’s title career spanned 45 years, he was one of the last ‘old school’ title professionals. He possessed a certain class, character and true pride in his chosen career; rare traits! Gil was loyal and dedicated to servicing others, it was hard wired into his DNA. He always exuded optimism and grace despite the challenges that presented in his personal or professional life. Gil’s care for his colleagues and friends was genuine and pure, certainly without agenda. 

He loved people and he loved his industry. You could hear it in his voice and see it in his smile. His enthusiasm for life was admirable. We ask you to take a moment to remember and honor our dear friend and colleague and reflect on the incredible impact he made on our lives. Gil has left a void in our Commonwealth family that will take much time to heal. God speed dear friend.